RPP-Responsibly Produced Peat

RPP-Responsibly Produced Peat

Based on our experience with the mining, renaturation and rewetting of peat bogs we offer comprehensive support in preparing the application documents for obtaining the RPP certificate for peat substrates.

The RPP certificate aims to promote substrates that are produced in a resource- and climate-friendly manner. The main focus is on mining sites in Europe and neighbouring countries, with documentation to be provided in English. The principles of this certificate are explained at www.responsiblyproducedpeat.org.

Central points of RPP are:

  • avoidance of damage of natural bogs by future prioritisation of degraded peatlands (site selection)
  • avoid that devastaded extraction sites lie falllowed by a well-managed development regarding the criteria of nature- and climate protection

Next to these requirements, legality and good governance and furthermore a good cooperation with authorities and stakeholders is asked. We offer our support in:
analysis of documents

  • translation of licenses, application documents and common explanations
  • preparation of site maps
  • preparation of RPP-checklist
  • accompaniment in application processes
  • Several certification processes were already supported successfully by Hofer & Pautz GbR!

For further information in English about our fields of work and our company don´t hesitate to contact us.